7 Responses to “FEAR EFFECT”

  1. Gus Says:

    If only we could. (Mary dtr of Gus)

  2. Sanity For Sale Says:

    if u really do care you’ll see the stuff your promoting is counterproductive. i had a blog just like this around 2 years ago spouting AJ stuff. cutting and posting like you. i can see your dedicated, youve made a lot of posts so i commend you on that. no lack of enthusiasm. the truth is a strange and elusive thing. you may think you have it as i did, but you’ll soon see if you really look and think that there is something terribly wrong. dude. i’m not trying to fuck with you, i aint cointelpro spambot i’m jus telling it how i see it. ron paul is a scam. the neocons are too clever to not to have a backup. the history isnt great aswell after you check the other point of view. i mean yeah, duh, we all hate taxes and big govt but when do you ever hear Paul talk in detail about what hell actually do in his revolutionary policy? he doesn’t and there is a very good reason for that. Fascism is about the politicisation of the people. ww1 result of conspiracy(fed) ww2 result of conspiracy (protocols of zion, hatred of jews as well as reichstag) ww3, which we are in is a different kind of war, its technological and paul has proved it. people look for slogans in politics and have ben for a long time, its just that theyve used paul, he even got in with alex jones early on. get the conspiracy theorists on your side then bingo the neocons have got a winner, all paul had to do was stroke jones’ ego a little and bang he’s i with the even the most fierce critics of government policy. its genius, an its what i would do if i were them, and theyre no doubt far more clever than i, so you catch my drift. im bored of typing. good luck.

  3. xxfeareffectxx Says:

    Well thanks for your opinion.Thats what America’s about.
    As for rop paul,you have a interesting point of veiw but I can’t say ron paul is a neocon.I think you are overanalyzing it.The neocons have lost there master rove.Do you think bush came up with this?look at ron pauls’ voting record in the government.You will find it’s clean.So for ron to be compromised it would had to have started a long time ago.As for Alex Jones he predicted 9/11,makes good films and has good writers.They unlike the rest of the media give there sources.Alex also has sources.So thanks for the comment.xxfeareffectxx

  4. Sanity For Sale Says:

    okay, paul may not b a neocon but a pawn in a bigger game. the voting record is ‘clean’ sure, but why? are KUCINICH AN PAUL THE ONLY people in govt w/ a heart and morality? no, theyre just the ‘harmless’ ones that’ll appeal 2 everyone. ron worked with the regan privatisation, hes corporate through and through, its a ploy, a trick. alex jnes has sources but looks at the things he concentrates on, if your telling me the things he bangs on about is the best topic 2 get ppl to join the cause you’ve gotta be mad. for a normal citixen his stuff is too whacked out. u need to reel people in slowly becuase what essentially is going on is brainwashing but of the volunteer variety.


  5. xxfeareffectxx Says:

    I will say it is possible that you are right but I don’t think so.The term
    “regan privatisation”is a joke find some real proof.”if your telling me the things he bangs on about is the best topic 2 get ppl to join the cause you’ve gotta be mad”Alex talks about all kinds of stuff.The truth is hard for people to handle.My site has stuff from all views not just alex jones.”alex jnes has sources but looks at the things he concentrates on”All media pick and choose what they talk about that why people listen to alex for his opinion.Find some real proof that ron paul is a pawn and I will listen.
    thanks for your commentxxfeareffectxx

  6. hempsavetheworld Says:

    I have also thought about ‘if Ron Paul is a faker’. But of course, my conclusion is that he is not. I am a very dedicated supporter of Ron Paul and I do not think he could be or is ‘bought’. If he really was part of the enemy’s game – in the workings for decades – then he’s not human. Of course, one might argue that someone ‘put a chip in his brain.’

    Ron Paul has been saying for years that he hopes for America to eventually wake-up to the reality behind the government and fix it before it’s too late.

    Surely we can overcome election fraud and these hackable Diebold electronic voting machines. They can be hacked in less than a minute without a trace. But with paper ballots I want to see America prove its true support for Ron Paul and see him win.

  7. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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