Howard Highlights Ease Of Recount Fraud

State employees using same red ink as counters

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Following on from Bev Harris’ shocking expose in which she unveiled disturbing chain of custody issues in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate Albert Howard has identified another problem that leaves the recount wide open to fraud.

In a letter to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Howard, who was behind the move for a recount, points out how easy it would be for state employees to change vote tallies.

“The people who are counting the votes are entering the results on individual ward and town tally sheets. They are all using pens with red ink. They then sign and walk the tally sheets to the front of the room where they are handed to a state employee,” he writes.”The state employee says she checks for discrepancies before manually transposing the figures from the local tally sheets to a County-wide tally sheet, using the same red ink used by the counters.”

“The state employee then enters the figures from her County-wide tally sheet into her computerized master recount file (an excel spreadsheet). Only then does the state employee make and hand me a copy of the counter’s tally sheet.”

Howard is calling for the recount procedure to be revised whereby he or another observer be handed a copy of the tally sheet for each ward and town, before it is handed to the state employee.

Whether New Hampshire officials will be prepared to change the procedure is doubtful. They initially pushed for the recount to be suspended altogether for the first part of this week before reversing themselves after Howard challenged the decision.

They were also publicly shamed after vote fraud expert Bev Harris posted a You Tube video of her confrontations with officials about ballot tampering, lost Diebold memory cards and the awful chain of custody problems which leave the integrity of the recount wide open to abuse.


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