Joe Rogan on Ron Paul: “Americans Fear Change”

Nolan Chart
Thursday January 17, 2008

 He’s the widely known Master of Ceremonies from the NBC television reality series “Fear Factor.” A few days ago, stand-up comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan came out strongly supporting Ron Paul as the only real champion of small government. Rogan published this very short YouTube clip:

Here are some highlights of what Joe had to say:

“Am I seriously voting for Ron Paul? I don’t even know if it really matters at this point, you know? I have a feeling that they’ve decided who’s going to win.”

In true Fear Factor style, Rogan goes on to mention some of the creepy-crawly nightmares behind the scenes of politics today — Diebold machines, reports of vote fraud, and public apathy.

What’s his take on Ron Paul’s chance of winning the Republican nomination?

“I doubt that Ron Paul will be in a position where you’re going to be able to vote for him for president, unless he runs as an independent and has like  a huge movement behind him. I can’t see him ever winning the Republican nomination.”

Rogan is sarcastically critical of “conservatives” who refuse to support Dr. Paul: 

“So, I think it’s interesting that this one guy who says all this sh*t about making the government smaller, which everybody agrees on, stuff about lowering taxes, and just a lot of common sense small government stuff, and you know, you’d think there’d be a groundswell of conservative people behind him.”

Ya think? Interesting indeed! What has become of conservatives? Where are they?

Joe then puts his finger on the heart of the matter, the real Fear Factor that’s congealing voter’s blood:

“Nobody wants to change the system, everybody’s scared of change. Even though they know the system’s [expletive’d] up they’d rather just keep it going.”

Don’t we understand? Don’t we realize that without fundamental change, America has no hope? Rogan goes on to express our crucial need for change and the bleak prospects of a future without it. He knows Americans are utterly dissatisfied with government-as-usual:

“I think that Ron Paul is a good choice to get behind at least to gauge that people are aware that our government’s [expletive] out of control, we’re governed too much, they have too much power over you.”

Knowing that, what will we do? 

“We need to shrink our government down, not make it bigger. He’s the only one that’s talking about doing that.”

Fellow Americans, are we going to let fear take our country into the abyss! God forbid! 

Thank You! Joe Rogan, for coming out and telling it like it is! Despite all the other posers, Ron Paul is the only candidate who offers authentic change for America. Obviously, Joe, fear is not a factor for you!


One Response to “Joe Rogan on Ron Paul: “Americans Fear Change””

  1. Tax Rebel Says:

    Tax Season is upon us.

    Here’s an idea: Target the H&R Block Tax Preparation outlets, where people are stepping out from having to pay Uncle Sam a huge share of their livelihood or where they’ve been disappointed to learn Uncle Sam has kept more $$ than they ever expected.

    Hand these people a Ron Paul message of hope: ABOLISH THE IRS!!!!!

    You can’t lose!

    DO IT NOW!!!!

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