Ron Paul Revolution Needs To Reunite

Divisive controversies should be swept aside for momentum to continue

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, January 14, 2008

The last two weeks have thrown up a number of divisive controversies that have been exploited by the establishment to slow the momentum of the Ron Paul Revolution. Now is the time to sweep these issues aside and concentrate on reinvigorating the movement to restore peace, liberty and prosperity in our time.

Before we discuss such issues it is necessary to stress just how successful the Ron Paul Revolution has been and continues to be. Our influence and impact is only growing and despite what happens in this current election cycle the future looks exciting. Never before has a genuine grass roots movement blossomed so expansively in such a short space of time. After the primaries and the election are long gone, the seeds of the Ron Paul Revolution will remain and they will continue to act as a beacon for the growing liberty movement.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the establishment media’s smear tactic in attempting to dismiss the Congressman as a racist for sentiments expressed in articles written by other people 20 years ago. For long-standing Paul supporters, the fact that the media would play this card came as no surprise, but for others, the faux controversy served to dampen some of their enthusiasm for the campaign.

First of all, as we have documented and as the President of the NAACP in Austin and a man who has known Ron Paul 20 years has testified to, the claims are lurid, slapdash, out of context and purely designed as political fodder to derail a movement that threatens the establishment and the very racist policies in everyday society that it upholds. Ron Paul is not a racist, has never been a racist, and anyone that has engaged in even a cursory study of his public statements and articles can see that this is self-evident. Secondly, Ron Paul supporters who saw this as an excuse to withdraw themselves from helping the campaign need to grow a thicker skin.

This is an election season and all manner of personal smears are going to be flying around. The establishment is terrified that 10 per cent of the politically active population have committed themselves to saving America and they will tell all manner of lies in an attempt to drives wedges between Ron Paul supporters.

Expect it, deal with it, fight it, and move on. Don’t become disheartened because the momentum is still with us and we should only redouble our efforts every time another attack is launched on the good name of the Congressman.

Another divisive wedge that the establishment have tried to exploit, notably in a Fox News debate question last week, is the issue of the 9/11 truth movement and its link to Ron Paul.

Many 9/11 truthers are upset that the Congressman has not fully embraced their views and see his public distancing from them as a kind of rejection.

Whatever Ron Paul’s views on 9/11, and he has publicly supported a new investigation in the past, truthers need to be more savvy in accepting the fact that the Congressman has now entered the belly of the beast and will have to play politics to a certain degree simply to fend off the establishment’s relentless attack pattern.

That is not to say that Paul should compromise his values in the interests of appeasing the status quo and so far he has performed admirably in sticking to his positions and stubbornly reinforcing them in the face of constant backlash from every one of the other establishment candidate dupes.

Whatever truthers think about Ron Paul’s rhetoric on this issue, all they really need to do is ask themselves one question. If, as the evidence clearly indicates, the government had a hand in 9/11, do you really think that a government led by Ron Paul would do the same thing again? Clearly not, which is why truthers need to get past their gripe and throw their considerable skills of impromptu educational activism behind the Congressman’s mission to restore America.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time. Ron Paul’s supporters are never going to agree with him on every single issue but this should by no means provide them with an excuse to become despondent and give up the fight.

The third and most recent controversy to divide Ron Paul supporters is the fact that the Congressman has declined to follow up on efforts to get a recount in New Hampshire following numerous indications of vote fraud.

Ron Paul made a statement on Friday in which he made it clear that he thought vote fraud was not beyond those in the establishment who wish to mothball his campaign.

However, he followed this up yesterday by indicating he would not be pursuing a recount in New Hampshire, preferring instead to focus on the upcoming primary in Michigan.

“After a careful investigation, I have decided against seeking a recount in New Hampshire. I am confident that not asking for a recount is the right decision,” read the statement.

“I carefully considered the arguments for and against a recount before instructing my campaign staff not to pursue it. Without a firm belief that vote fraud had taken place, and without the possibility that a recount would have increased the chances for success of our campaign, a recount would have diverted campaign resources, time, and energy away from crucial battles elsewhere.”

Though we can readily see why the Congressman’s campaign prefers to focus on the battles ahead, the reasons for taking another look at New Hampshire are legion and that is why we support the efforts of Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican candidate Albert Howard in mandating a recount on both sides.

Here is why a recount is necessary.

– Obama had a 13 to 15 point lead over Hillary Clinton heading into the primary. Nothing occurred that boosted Hillary’s numbers immediately before the election, in fact immediately after the staged crying incident, many pundits argued it could only have harmed her chances. And yet Hillary somehow managed to instigate a near 20 point swing to defeat Obama by three per cent. If not for her 7% swing as a result of Diebold voting machines, Hillary would have lost to Obama. If Obama was struggling he would probably contest this bizarre outcome, but he is likely to accept the results simply to save face.

The New Hampshire town of Sutton admits that it voided every vote Ron Paul received. The Congressman got 31 votes and yet due to a “human error,” Sutton reported zero votes for Ron Paul. How “human error” can explain not counting 31 votes in succession for one single candidate is beyond the pale and Ron Paul’s campaign should ask for a recount across New Hampshire immediately.

– As soon as people went public with the fact that their votes in Sutton had not been counted, other districts where Paul had supposedly received zero votes, such as Greenville, suddenly changed their final tallies and attributed votes to the Congressman.

– Two days after the primary it was revealed that a high ranking executive at the company that was contracted to program all of New Hampshire’s Diebold voting machines has a criminal record, is a narcotics trafficker, and has previously defended the illegal act of “swapping out” memory cards for the machines during live elections.

– Going into New Hampshire Ron Paul was polling in the early teens and was a strong bet to take third place behind McCain and Romney. Four days before the vote, Rasmussen had Paul at 14% – a significant lead over Huckabee on 11% and Giuliani on 8% – and yet Ron Paul finished with just 8%. Proof of clear vote fraud, allied with the fact that Paul’s numbers show a 6% swing from normally accurate pre-polling forecasts, clearly indicate chicanery was at hand, especially considering the fact that Paul lost those crucial few percentage points to Giuliani as a result of electronic Diebold voting machines which are known to be wide open to tampering and fraud.

Going purely on hand-counts, which as we saw in Sutton were by no means angelic but at least harder to cheat on than Diebold voting machines without getting caught, Ron Paul would have won 15% of the vote and finished third. This figure would have more accurately correlated to the pre-primary polls rather than the ridiculous 8% he was eventually given.

Numerous districts reported totals of anything up to 22% for “other candidates”. What on earth does this black hole of “other candidates” mean? How can one vote for a candidate that is not on the ballot without spoiling the ballot paper? The district of Lisbon reported 22.5% votes for this mysterious “other” candidate, while in the large district of Londonderry, the “other” candidate received 10%. Many are now alleging that these “other” votes were merely siphoned from Ron Paul to keep his final number low.

Because the Congressman has decided to concentrate all his efforts on the upcoming primaries rather than a recount in New Hampshire does not mean that others cannot pursue a recount.

We fully accept the Congressman’s position and in hindsight it seems to be the right decision. Ron Paul supporters who view the campaign’s decision to move on as a rejection of their wishes and a kick in the teeth should put themselves in Ron Paul’s position and look at it from his perspective.

With just two primaries down and dozens to go, the Congressman’s schedule is only going to get more grueling. He needs to pour every ounce of his energy into obtaining a very achievable fourth place in Michigan and building the momentum from there. It is up to the rest of us to hold people accountable and watch for vote fraud while supporting other public figures like Kucinich and Howard who are pushing for a recount in New Hampshire.

Now is the time for the Ron Paul Revolution to get past the smear attacks, resolve the disputes and express more maturity in accepting the difficulties the campaign has to overcome amidst the rocky political terrain of fighting this corrupt establishment.

Now is the time to reunite, re-commit, and redouble our efforts to educate America about the only genuine and growing movement for real change, and what could be our last chance to rescue freedom and hope – the Ron Paul Revolution.


9 Responses to “Ron Paul Revolution Needs To Reunite”

  1. clay moore Says:

    Very good comments. I also hope for a recount in NH. Who’s idea was this to have electronic counting of ballots anyway? We need to get rid of those black boxes!

  2. Stevo Says:

    Precinct walk, precinct walk, precinct walk.
    Every outing I come accross Republicans who do not know of Dr. Paul. Many receive his message favorably.
    Get out there and spread the good word.

  3. Nick Says:

    Well stated, rally the troops, Ron’s in it for the long haul so we should be too!

  4. kavips Says:

    Your assessment is correct. Ron Paul needs to concentrate on Michigan. But this anomily in New Hampshire needs to be thoroughly investigated. Perhaps some people changed their minds. I know I sometimes do without warning. But I also know that sometimes people perform illegal acts if they stand to receive some benefit from doing so.

    Voter Fraud occurred in 2000. It occurred again in 2004. It occurred again in 2006, but voter anger was so high they underestimated the percentage needed to win in their calculations. And now we see it in New Hampshire?

    My 16 year old son created a calculator program using C+++ that adds a vote for every 7th entry. It is that easy to do.

    For democracy to work, the have-nots have to be allowed to participate on equal footing.

  5. cpmonster Says:

    yo dude awesome blog check mine it is halarious!!! 😀 😀

  6. blakmira Says:

    Excellent article, Mr. Watson. We still have much to accomplish in the months ahead and I fully respect and do not question Ron Paul’s decision. Also, I think it is just a miracle that Albert Howard stepped forward for Ron Paul.

    I did not trust the vote counting process going in and I certainly trust it less now. However, it now appears that even a recount can be fraudulent, and what’s really needed is that a court order be granted to seize the machines. It certainly is complicated.

    Perhaps the vote count at the next primary will be so obviously fraudulent that this will happen. But I just can’t seem to find out why the American people are forced to vote by machine, whether it’s Diebold or the opti-scanner. Why don’t we have a choice?

    What would it take to change our voting system [back] to paper ballots hand-counted and videotaped in front of voters? Does a law have to be passed, a bill, a petition signed by a million people, an amendment to the Constitution, or what? And who would be able to do this?

    I’m getting ready to offer a reward for this answer.

  7. Max Says:


  8. frmad Says:

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  9. Chadillac Says:

    I agree 100%, it does suck that they are waiting until the 16th to do the recount. You would think it could be done ona much faster time line, it gives time to fix the fix if you ask me. It’s amazing how the media is ignoring this.

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