I am Aware; I am Angry; I am The Revolution

Many years ago I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I would have willingly and without hesitation given my life in its defense.I now realize that through my blind ignorance I have failed to uphold my oath against the domestic enemies of this great republic. Through my own ignorance and inaction I realize that I have failed to protect the spilled blood of the revolutionist that so willingly, and with such great determination for a free and unshackled society, sacrificed their lives. I realize that I have failed to heed the many warnings and I have unwittingly shunned the responsibilities that the forefathers of this great republic so diligently and bluntly conveyed to the people through the Constitution. I also recognize that the “elected ones” are as guilty as I am in failing to faithfully discharge their duties. I now accept the responsibility for my past inaction and must bury the excuse of ignorance once and for all. I expect no less from those elected.I have been propelled on a remarkable journey – an awakening that has culminated in the obtainment of an educated, freethinking, and unbiased mind. I have laid naive to rest. With great determination and struggle I have removed the blindfold from my eyes, the plugs from my ears, the rag from my mouth, and the chains from my limbs. I have found that my senses are acute and my grogginess has yielded to angry determination. I relish the opportunity to correct my past irresponsibility and to fight for the noble and just cause of restoring the Constitution of the United States to it’s original intent; government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I expect no less from those elected. I am aware…I am aware…of the psychological warfare and manipulative techniques the “elected ones” use on the people to promote “special interests” under the disguise of the common good and general welfare for the people.The “elected ones” have become corrupted and have sold their principles to the highest bidder.Collectively, this chorus of politicians sing the same old song orchestrated by their puppet masters who are bent on the destruction of the republic and the creation of a new socialist state – one that contradicts the blessings of freedom and liberty, and enslaves the people. I am aware…that an America divided is an America conquered. The people are trapped in two parties, each guided by blind party affiliation and lacking the strength to free themselves from their cognizance. Like so many others they cast their votes in accordance with their masters desire. I refuse to abide by such closed mindedness. I am aware…that the media outlets have been bought and paid for – the weapon of psychological warfare. The media is the master of deception, creating a grand illusion with truth, half truth, and lies. The peoples minds are trapped in a hypnotic stupor, they are left in a state of physical inaction, and they are no longer capable of the free will necessary to break the chains of slavery. I am angry…I am angry…that through their greed and lust for power the “elected ones” have betrayed the trust of the people and have undermined the Constitution – the people have been sold. I am angry…that the “elected ones” have economically enslaved the people by an unconstitutionally created central bank that the forefathers warned so strongly against. I am angry…the “appointed ones” no longer protect. Across America the peoples freedom of speech and expression are abridged by other individuals, groups and governments, and that the press is manipulated and controlled. The peoples right to bear arms has been regulated across the nation and is under constant threat of infringement. I am angry…that an education system has been established to control the minds of children, with the intent to produce socialist minded“units of production.” I am angry…that the people have unwittingly traded their sovereignty for government handouts. The time has come to restore the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I am aware; I am angry; I am the revolution.


Ron Riggs


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