Ron Paul Campaign Manager: We Are About To Go Into Orbit

Assures supporters that the Ron Paul Revolution is going the distance

Steve Watson
day, Jan 04, 2008

Ron Paul’s presidential campaign manager Kent Snyder has expressed encouragement and optimism following yesterday’s Iowa caucus and urged supporters to take pride in the achievements made so far.

Statewide, the caucus placed Ron Paul at 10%, just three points behind both Fred Thompson and John McCain and well ahead of Rudy Giuliani in the race for the GOP nomination.

Further breakdown of the results revealed that in the 23 Eastern most counties in Iowa which include the college town of Iowa City and the counties north, south and east of Iowa City, Ron Paul scored an impressive 14% – or third place.

Dr Paul was also the big favorite among independent voters, of which there are many more in the state of New Hampshire than Iowa.

Mr Snyder, commenting on the Alex Jones show earlier today, reminded listeners that just months ago Ron Paul was a complete unknown in Iowa, likening the rapid progress made to a rocket going into orbit:

“I would like your listeners to know that this is simply the beginning. Keep in mind that Dr Paul when we started this whole enterprise in Iowa was at 0 to 1% in all polls, and we have made substantial progress.

People have to understand, and I have to remind myself as well that it is always harder to go from zero to ten than it is to go from ten to twenty. It’s like the space shuttle, it uses 80/90% of its fuel just to get out of the atmosphere.”

Snyder praised those who traveled to Iowa from all across the country to support the campaign, stressing that the enthusiasm is at an all time high and that the campaign is still growing exponentially:

“We are expecting good things in New Hampshire, we’re expecting very good things in South Carolina, and we’re optimistic about Nevada, it’s going to be a marathon, we’ve got a long way to go but we are going the distance.

We knew that Iowa would probably be our toughest test, going into it we understood that, we had to compete, we wanted to compete and we are very glad that we did. Our best states are right around the corner and that is New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada and I can guarantee you that when we do well in those three states the mainstream media will be talking a different tune.”

Last Saturday Fox News announced that Ron Paul was not a top tier candidate and that they would only invite the top five candidates to join their upcoming debate. However after yesterday’s results a number of Fox pundits have suggested that the Congressman should now be considered for inclusion in the upcoming debate. Mr Snyder stated:

“I’ve been hearing that and that is encouraging, maybe they are setting themselves up to make a change of plan, we’re hoping that will be they case, it certainly should be the case without question.

The polls that matter are votes, not opinion polls or anything else, and Dr Paul is just a couple of points away from beating John McCain and beating Fred Thompson, he beat Rudy hands down. It’s going to be interesting to see if Fox changes their mind, I don’t know that they will but it will be interesting to see that.”

Should Fox refuse to alter their stance the Paul campaign has organized a last minute forum for supporters and anyone who is still unaware of the campaign.

Similarly, ABC news announced Monday that they would only take the top five candidates for their next debate and would exclude Ron Paul if he did not get double digits in Iowa. Mr Snyder confirmed that now Dr Paul has achieved both those mandates it seems certain ABC will include the Congressman in the debate which is scheduled for two days before the New Hampshire primary.

“It was a very tough project to get started but I think the supporters and the donors around the country need to take stock and be proud of where we are and be encouraged by it, we still have a long way to go but I would rather be in the trajectory we are than be in Rudy’s ship.” Snyder concluded.


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    Ron Paul in 2008!

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