Ron Paul is leading in the national polls! 33%

Robert Werden
Nolan Chart
Friday December 21, 2007

The pollsters insist that polls conducted over the phone are the most scientific way of accurately assessing a candidate’s viability. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. What it all boils down to in the end is votes. On Caucus and Primary day you cannot phone in your vote and for all the Ron Paul supporters you cannot click your vote either. You must show up in person and cast your ballot live.
The Ron Paul brigade has proven they can vote. Ron Paul wins every single internet poll as well as almost all cell phone text message polls after network debates.

The question media pundits are constantly asking regarding the huge internet voting and fund raising success of Ron Paul is can he translate his tremendous support into Caucus and Primary votes?

Well let’s take a look at what that means. To the media, polls are success. Polls determine who gets the most media coverage. Polls determine who gets endorsed by big names in both politics and from Hollywood.

The Ron Paul supporters have proven online votes and text message votes, but have they proven votes in person, where you actually have to leave your computer or couch and travel somewhere, listen to a bunch of stump speeches then wait in long lines to vote? The only test of that are straw polls. Straw polls are actually a rehearsal for Caucus and Primary day. They are held in almost every state and require a person to travel (sometimes hours away), sit through speeches and stand in lines to vote. Furthermore straw polls are also GOP fund raisers, so in order to vote you often have to pay about $35 to $55.

So now you’re getting to the question the media pundits are asking. The translation to actual votes!

There have already been close to 50 official straw polls throughout the country. There is a website that keeps track of these events and tallies the scores just like the Media and pollsters do. Now remember straw polls are the closest you can get to actual voting. There is no spammers clicking on 50 internet polls per day, there is no phone polling to the miniscule reminant of the decimated Republican Party. These are real people taking the day off to go and support their candidate. So without further ado here are the results.


As you can see the candidate with the most number of Straw poll wins is Ron Paul. Also notice that the current break through front runner in the phone polls Mike Huckabee has won only 2 straw polls.

Candidate# Wins

Ron Paul 25

Fred Thompson 24

Mitt Romney 22

Rudy Giuliani 7

John McCain 5

Mike Huckabee 2

Duncan Hunter 2

Alan Keyes 0

Now here is the really shocking statistic of these real life votes. If you look at the total straw polls and average Ron Paul’s polling percentage the same way phone polls are averaged, the percentages of votes for Ron Paul is 33.02%.


33.02% is the media pundits answer to their question of translation to actual votes.

So if you were hesitant to throw your endorsement towards Ron Paul because of the Medias assessment of viability, your likely in a genuine position to justify Ron Paul as your candidate.

I say, welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution.


9 Responses to “Ron Paul is leading in the national polls! 33%”

  1. Timur Rozenfeld Says:

    I hope your analysis is correct!

  2. MrTom Says:

    We do have a problem of vote fraud and secret ballot count, see link below . mail cato rpcampaign Dec2007.htm

  3. Chuck Says:

    I wish that we could just go back to the paper ballots. There was probably some cheating that went on then, but they can cheat a lot faster and with much bigger numbers now. I’m all for progress, but there has to be a paper trail to back up the computer system. If it takes a little longer, so what we aren’t going anywhere worth going unless Ron Paul wins, and for that I would gladly wait a day or two.

  4. Liz Says:


  5. Chris Says:

    Check this out:

    Mitt Romney’s firm has been in a deal to buy Clear Channel Communications, home of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and all the rest.

    Maybe that’s why Paul gets so little fair coverage while Romney is hyped like the second coming.

  6. Freedom2Learn Says:

    Very Interesting… I think you have something here!!!!

    Ron Paul President 2008

  7. Hallowed Says:

    Not that I’m a major fan of phone polling, but they’re right. Straw polls aren’t elections, so there’s little reason for a supporter to take time out of their day to vote in one. A phone poll on the other hand, requires wasting very little of ones time. All a straw poll shows is which candidates supporters are willing to waste their time. Perhaps this dedication is why Ron Paul has done so well in the fundraising department, but it does not necessarily equate to votes in a primary election. Or, perhaps a bunch of truther dolts are trying to throw a wrench into the works.

    Personally, I don’t think he has a snowballs chance in hell at winning primary elections. I think he’ll be lucky to come in 4th in most states. He’s too close to a ‘Blame America’ type to win support among the historically very pro-American Republican base. The “We’ve been bombing Iraq for ten years” statement is not looked at kindly and will not be forgotten come election day.

    Regardless, Ron Paul supporters have reason to be proud of what they’ve accomplished.

  8. Hallowed Says:

    Now that I look at your site, I realize that you really are a bunch a truthers. I also noticed none of the other commentors in this thread are bloggers. Very strange for a wordpress blog.

    If you want to know if Ron Paul can win, just ask yourself these two questions.

    1) Are any of you registered Republicans?

    2)How many tinfoil hatted members of the confederacy of dunces do you think will be voting in the Republican primary?

  9. Fascist Nation Says:

    I love straw polls, but do not overestimate them. They are examples of who activists — people willing to get out, show up and vote at a gathering — support.

    Now these people are assuredly going to vote in the primary. But their numbers are few when compared to the masses, who almost universally don’t bother studying up on the candidates until 48 hours before the election, if at all. [And early balloting distorts this.]

    The activists have clear influence in educating some of the masses and drawing attention to the candidates they support. That produces a bump…how much of a bump is debatable.

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