Estulin: Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul


Investigative reporter goes further on last week’s revelations

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, December 21, 2007

Investigative reporter Daniel Estulin has gone further with his bombshell revelation first voiced last week that political insiders are considering a plot to assassinate Ron Paul, today identifying the Neo-Con camp as being behind the potential hit.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show, Estulin said that his sources for the information were real patriots who love America and are desperate to see the truth get out, but that he always took the precaution of getting verification from more than one individual on each piece of information he releases.

“What I said about Ron Paul last week came from two different people who don’t know each other,” said Estulin, adding that his source had in turn got the information from sources within the Neo-Con camp and that it was individuals from within the Neo-Con camp that are considering what would happen if Ron Paul was assassinated.Estulin stressed that to elaborate any further he would need to seek permission from those giving him the information to retain their confidence and trust.

“I am getting information from my sources that there are people involved from a higher level of the American establishment who are seriously considering – this has not been confirmed – but assassination is definitely on the agenda and I pray to God that this is not the case,” Estulin first told Jones last week.

As we reported following the initial release of the information, Estulin, author of the global bestseller The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, described the concept as a “trial balloon from the inner core within the inner core – it hasn’t gone beyond that but it is obviously on the table because I think needless to say they are very much concerned,” he added.

Ron Paul himself has stated on a previous occasion that he is aware of the dangers of being such a bold icon for freedom and understands that political assassinations have occurred in the past.

In a June appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Congressman Paul acknowledged that such a threat is “real,” agreeing with a number of historical examples where leaders were killed or attacked for successfully standing up to the system. “That’s right. They’ll do it,” Paul said, making reference with Alex Jones to upstarts like Andrew Jackson, “The Kingfish” Huey Long, Bobby Kennedy, George Washington and even George Wallace.

Another secret service source told Estulin that the message scrolled across the bottom of the screen during Ron Paul’s CNN interview on Tuesday, “Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead,” was potentially more than just a matter of quoting a joke made by Mike Huckabee about attacks on his campaign ads, but in fact could be taken as a threat or even a cue to Paul’s would-be assassin.

Estulin noted that a similar thing occurred before the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, but was quick to caution that he could not confirm the authenticity of the judgment that this was related to the consideration of a plot to kill the Congressman.

Click here to listen to the MP3 interview with Estulin.

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4 Responses to “Estulin: Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul”

  1. MrTom Says:

    For they’re sake and ours, I hope that they are to smart to do that. It is one thing for the ruling class to rob us and cheat us, we’ve come to expect this. It is a whole nother thing for them to declare war against us by such an act.
    Ron Paul supporters are the brightest, cleverest, most creative people in this country, I would expect some unique repercussions if an “accident” befell him. This man is not just the voice and symbol of hope for the common American, he is loved by every one of us.

  2. Clarence Malcolm Says:

    Who was it that said: “If they assassinate Ron Paul, David Rockefeller will be the first murderous traitor assassinated soon thereafter?”

  3. Clarence Malcolm Says:

    Who said: “nobody said that?” Oh, I stand corrected!

  4. Jason Says:

    I really doubt they would make a martyr out of Ron Paul. That is why they are using Bloomberg’s campaign as option B. But the truth will come out about Bloomberg and it will backfire on them. There is too much momentum behind Paul and they can’t stop it. BOO HOO!!

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