Ron Paul Is The Biggest GOP Fundraiser

Passes $10 million mark for total funds raised in the fourth quarter with a month still to go | November 30 , 2007
Steve Watson

Ron Paul is well on course to be the GOP presidential candidate frontrunner in terms of funds raised in this the fourth and most crucial quarter in the run up to the primaries in January.

With a month still to go, the congressman’s funds will today swell to over $10 million, double what was raised in the third quarter.

Today sees the second “money bomb” mass donation day. Though hastily organised by an independent activist just over one week ago, the Paul campaign will likely hope to raise somewhere in the region of $500,000 to $1 million today with donors flocking to the website

December 16th, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, will see a much bigger donation day however with over 22,000 people having signed up at, pledging to donate over $100 dollars on December 16th. With two weeks still to go this indicates that the drive will once again possibly break the record for online donations in one day and ensure send the Congressman’s campaign coffers far beyond the $12 million target for the quarter.

The media attention this will once again generate will also once again raise Ron Paul’s profile, making him without doubt one of the front runners for the nomination.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who has continued to attract popularity as the year has gone on. Paul raised more money in the third quarter than in the second quarter while none of the other candidates achieved this. With the 16th December “money bomb” coming up, it looks like the Congressman will raise more money this quarter than any other GOP candidate including Giuliani. This means he will have more cash on hand going into the primaries than any of his Republican opponents.

Yesterday saw Ron Paul soar above Fred Thompson’s $9,750,821 mark and Mitt Romney’s $9,896,719 mark earlier today (excluding money he has loaned to himself). Today will likely see Ron Paul pass a third milestone– that of Rudy Giuliani’s $10,258,019 fundraising mark for the end of the 3rd Quarter.

“It’s a tremendous burden put on us and a responsibility,” Paul told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough recently.

“We have all this money now. We didn’t plan to have this much money. Our obligation is to figure out how to spend it. We are doing our best.”

Before the record breaking November 5th donation drive which saw an infusion of over $4.2 million in one day, Paul had begun a modest $1.1 million television ad drive, mostly in New Hampshire.

Since then, the ad campaign has been expanded in Iowa. Prior to the money-bomb, Paul was airing three radio ads; now he has more than ten running.

To donate to Ron Paul’s campaign please head to


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