Zogby Analyst: Ron Paul Timing “Almost Perfect”


Pollster Suggests Paul Could Have the Momentum for a ‘Big Move From the Back to the Front’

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | November 20, 2007

Ron Paul is “actually in a very good position right now,” Zogby Director of Communications and Top Analyst Fritz Wenzel said in relation to prospects for Paul’s dark horse campaign.

“He’s right on schedule,” Wenzel said in an interview with Alex Jones. “He’s making all the right moves, going in the right direction…at a time when other candidates are not moving.”

Wenzel based his analysis on recent nationwide polls that show Ron Paul could win in New Hampshire and find his support ‘intensifying’ with room to gain. A new Zogby poll commissioned by Jones Productions found Ron Paul the GOP winner in a ‘blind’ poll that included Democrats, Republicans and Independents nationwide.

“6 weeks to 8 weeks out before an election… if you’re going to make a big move from the back to the front– that’s when you want to make it.”

“Here’s why his timing is almost perfect. He’s moving up…but it’s not so early that he’s going to get a big backlash,” Wenzel said.

“6 weeks to 8 weeks out before an election is about the time if you’re going to make a big move from the back to the front– that’s when you want to make it.”

While Wenzel doesn’t think Ron Paul has the nomination at this point, he hardly ruled it out, citing a number of factors working in his favor.


Further, Ron Paul may be underestimated. He is “long since past John McCain” yet McCain is still referred to as a top tier candidate while Paul usually is not.

Wenzel cites anti-war sentiment and dissatisfaction with Congress as clear signs of a “tremendous vote of no confidence.” Voters “just do not see government as an agent of positive change,” Wenzel suggests, based on poll data that includes an 11% approval rating amongst both parties in Congress.

People desire a ‘competent manager’ according to the Zogby spokesperson. “People remember and admire” Reagan’s consistency and ‘straight talk,’ Wenzel told Alex Jones in a Tuesday interview. Today, the public believes that the system is ‘unwilling to listen’ and ‘unable to fix major problems’ according to Wenzel.

Wenzel cites the wide margins of undecided voters in major polls– often hovering around 20%– as an indicator that many people feel disenfranchised and the GOP primary is anything but decided.


2 Responses to “Zogby Analyst: Ron Paul Timing “Almost Perfect””

  1. Nishu Says:

    This is what happens when opinion of public is suppressed for a long time. If you push something too far it will start pushing you back

  2. moza1995 Says:

    hey cool web mine is for club pemguine cheats i hope john edwasds winnn
    put theres a spark inside but not out side killinton uses the women card i neww a woman like that could have an erge to use the woman card she aint no genna davis playing commander and cheif that was a show with record low doller agaainst the euro we need someone who will put us out of this ******* thingie thing criseseconoiclly we are down bollywood is even better then hollywood john edwards is a risktaker but also a safe choicer no one is better then edwards 2 bad i cant vote …he is the jfk jr and senior of our time

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