ABC News: Ron Paul Will Spend as Much as Giuliani in New Hampshire | November 21, 2007

ABC News pundits chided host George Stephanopoulos, “Don’t forget my man Ron Paul,” making clear Paul has reared his underdog head once and for all into the MSM’s nest of selected candidates, forcing an address.

One pundit cites a “very, very sophisticated New Hampshire politician” who can vouch that Ron Paul will spend as much as Giuliani in the state. Stephanopoulos acknowledges that “he can”– though he spins it as evidence that Paul can only make a state-wide dent if he puts all his eggs in one basket (while his support is really branching out and expanding nationwide with his fund raising surge).

The question, as one pundit put it, is “who will Ron Paul be cannibalizing?”– going on expectations that Paul will trounce “2 or even 3″ top candidates in New Hampshire. The pundits clearly note that even their most serious poll number sources are in agreement.

Paul’s appeal? He’s the “one true straight talker,” according to one pundit. He’s ‘not afraid to say: get rid of that agency!’ He makes ‘them all look like politicians,’ concludes another pundit. The pundits continued to talk about Ron Paul, even as Stephanopoulos shifted into another topic.

Ron Paul has finally hit the big time– and even George Stephanopoulos, who tried to dog Ron Paul into the belief that he ‘couldn’t win’ during an interview together, had to admit his viability on national TV.



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