Zogby Analyst Says Ron Paul Strongest Contender to Beat Hillary

Texas Congressman’s popularity amongst Democrats, Independents outstrips Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, Paul is only chance of smashing Bush-Clinton power monopoly

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zogby’s Director of Communications and polling analyst Fritz Wenzel says that Congressman Ron Paul is the strongest of the Republican frontrunners to go up against Hillary Clinton, underlining the fact that the rest of the field are just ringers as the establishment prepares to install Clinton and prolong the Bush-Clinton power monopoly.

“Among Democrats, yes, he would be a much stronger candidate than any of the other three (Romney, Giuliani, Thompson)” Wenzel told the Alex Jones Show yesterday.

A new Zogby poll commissioned by Jones Productions found Ron Paul the GOP winner in a blind poll that included Democrats, Republicans and Independents nationwide.”He is anti-war and the majority of Democrats are anti-war, he has some other ideas and policies and stances on issues more attractive to Democrats, particularly conservative Democrats,” said Wenzel.

“Even among independents, he is far and away a more attractive candidate,” he added.

As we have highlighted before, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will not seek to lead the U.S. into a military confrontation with Iran, something that leading Democrats Obama, Clinton and Edwards have all vowed to keep “on the table.”

Ron Paul voted against the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act, both of which were supported by Hillary Clinton.

Every other Republican candidate besides Ron Paul stands no chance of coming out on top if they go up against Hillary Clinton for the 2008 presidency.

Wenzel agreed that Ron Paul’s momentum is something that outstrips all the other candidates and gives him a real chance of performing well.

“He’s right on schedule,” Wenzel said. “He’s making all the right moves, going in the right direction…at a time when other candidates are not moving.”

Wenzel based his analysis on recent nationwide polls that show Ron Paul could win in New Hampshire and find his support intensifying with room to gain.

“Here’s why his timing is almost perfect. He’s moving up…but it’s not so early that he’s going to get a big backlash,” Wenzel added.

“6 weeks to 8 weeks out before an election is about the time if you’re going to make a big move from the back to the front– that’s when you want to make it,” he concluded.


15 Responses to “Zogby Analyst Says Ron Paul Strongest Contender to Beat Hillary”

  1. Bob Waters Says:


    If any appreciable number of people knew what Ron Paul stands for, Hillary would carry half the Republican vote as well as nearly all the independents!

    Paul is a dangerous man, and his supporters flatter themselves if they think they will ever be more than a tiny minority.

  2. Zogby Analyst Says Ron Paul Strongest Contender to Beat Hillary :: Liberty Maven Says:

    […] Read the full article here, and see the Zogby poll results where, as LibertyMaven reported yesterday, Ron Paul was the the clear winner in a recent “blind bio” poll. […]

  3. xxfeareffectxx Says:


    If any appreciable number of people knew what Ron Paul stands for, Hillary would carry half the Republican vote as well as nearly all the independents!

    Paul is a dangerous man, and his supporters flatter themselves if they think they will ever be more than a tiny minority.

    A”tiny minority” that raised 4.2 million in one day.
    now that is support.no other repuplican can do that!!
    As for ron paul being a “dangerous man” only to haters of freedom and sovernty!!like you

  4. Comment Says:

    Bob Walters: It’s the other way around. I can not wait until the American public hear about Ron Paul’s plan to restore Article 2 of the Constitution (gutting federal programs), restoring the gold standard and backing the currency, and reproduce a sound foreign policy in which actual threats are considered versus drummed-up plans to invade nations that have not done anything malicious enough at all in the scheme of things.

  5. Amy Miller Says:

    “If any appreciable number of people knew what Ron Paul stands for, Hillary would carry half the Republican vote as well as nearly all the independents!”

    What is it that Ron Paul stands for that would scare off his supporters?

  6. LibertyOrDeath Says:

    My question is why do you think people like him, they just don’t know about his positions. It’s precisely his positions and the fact that he’s not just talking the typical BS the other establishment guys are.

    It’s time for honesty and “tells them as I sees ’em” for a change, not slippery pandering, and slick-talk.

    He’s only dangerous if you hate freedom.

  7. John C. Taterstot II Says:

    Cause low taxes, Hard Currency, Small Government, Legalized Industrial Hemp, Habeas Corpus, National Sovereignty, Personal Responsibility and Non Interventionism are Dangerous indeed.

    Under those condition we’d even be so dangerous we might stop propping up dictators, devaluing the currency, wasting money subsidizing corn ethanol, imprisoning innocent people, going to war for no reason, and worse, we could phase out the welfare state with charities.

    The man is clearly a fool.

  8. aclove78 Says:

    Bob, you’re an idiot.

    That being said, I think the above article is right on. Regardless of what the polls tell us concerning “probably Republican primary voters,” the fact is that those people are a tiny, tiny minority. The vast majority of the American people are sick to death of the Iraq War and want it finished, and quickly. As much as Hillary hedges on when and how the troops will be withdrawn, every other Republican candidate makes her look like a peacenik by comparison. The ONLY Republican that can take her on with the war issue is Ron Paul. Combine that with his consistent straight-talk approach, along with a voting record to back it up, and he’ll make her look even more like the mealy-mouthed, self-contradicting, say-anything-to-get-elected shill that she is.

    Ron Paul for the Long Haul!

  9. VAT Says:

    Hi Bob Waters,

    In my opinion, if any appreciable number knew what Ron Paul stood for then everyone would support Ron Paul!

    I am part of the tiny minority. I donated to Ron Paul. My tiny $100 made up part of that 4.2 mil in one day.

    I agree, Ron Paul may not make it due to Diebold issues and the power structures that exist. The choice may have already been made for us and all this “election” stuff may be an elaborate play to fool and manipulate us. As long as the public stands divided and ignorant of so many issues then the power structures win.

    Ron Paul supporters know of the propaganda and abuse we have suffered at the hands of Democrats and Republicans who have been bought by the elite. It does not make us feel flattered that we have been “had” by those that take our taxes and have lied to us so deeply in so many levels. It does not and still does not feel flattering.

    How is Ron Paul dangerous? What lobbyists are controlling him? Whose money is he taking that makes him a bought man who “owes“ his dues and votes to any organization or group with a purpose that has nothing to with America or our well-being?

    Why should we trust Hillary? Why isn’t Hillary carrying half the Republican vote on her own with or without people’s knowledge of Ron Paul? Why is Hillary’s numbers dependent upon those who know of Ron Paul’s real record? Most do not know of Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul goes beyond partisan issues. No other candidate can do this. This is due to Ron Paul’s honesty and integrity. Hillary and the other’s would die to have the non-partisan support that Ron Paul owns. Why does Ron Paul get across the board support and the other candidates, including Hillary, don’t?

    Again in my opinion, if any appreciable number knew what Ron Paul stood for then everyone would support Ron Paul!


    Victoria Trosch

    PS Let’s be Americans first. It is the right thing to do.

  10. al Says:

    Yes. Ron Paul is VERY dangerous. Look at these fruitcake ideas of his:

    1. He wants to balance the Federal Budget.
    2. He opposes illegal immigration.
    3. He want to eleiminate wasteful government spending.
    4. He advocate a foreign policy of peace, diplomacy, and non-intervention.
    5. He was to control government spending and cut taxes.
    6. He opposes the creation of paper money out of thin air to cover our deficits and cause inflation

    The scariest part of all is that this isnt’t just rhetoric. His 20 year track record in Congress suggests that he really would do this scary stuff. Consider:

    1. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
    2. He never voted for a tax increase.
    3. He voted against the Iraq war.
    4. He refuses to participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension program.
    5. He returns the unused portion of his office budget to the Treasury each year.
    6. He does receive funding from Lobbyists!


  11. David Says:

    Let’s see, he doesn’t want to put young people in wars that are unnecessary and be friends with other nations and not force our ways on them. He doesn’t want a police state and desires personal freedoms for all no matter of sex, race, or religion. Everyone has same rights. He wants people to keep the money they earn. so if Ron Paul is dangerous, wouldn’t that make the rest of those running in either party just down right evil???

  12. Steven Says:

    It sounds to me that people who want ” a nuclear first stirke” left on the table are the ones we need to fear. No person in their right mind wants nuclear war except for …….everyone but Ron Paul

  13. Eric Says:

    Anyone who wants to take our currency back to the gold standard has my vote. Our fiat currency has been devalued beyond belief.

  14. John Leslie Says:

    I agree with steven, the real dangerous candidate is someone who wont even take a pre-emptive nuclear first strike off the table. Thats very dangerous..in fact..the whole pre-emptive strike idea sounds very framiliar to something that got us into this mess…

  15. Randolph Bourne Says:

    The only things that Ron Paul endangers are a failing currency, a failing war, a failing foreign policy, and a failing republic.

    Against Hilary, Ron Paul would be elected overwhelmingly. Just imagine a Clinton/Paul debate on national TV! Clinton’s avowed positions, waffled opinions, and obvious money and power connections would do her in quite nicely. Add to this Dr. Paul’s calm and reasoned explanations of his views and proposed policies.

    Hopefully, the GOP leaders will come to their senses and respond to the grassroots groundswell for this extraordinary man. Failure to do so will cost them the Whitehouse.

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