Military Families Support Ron Paul’s Platform In Zogby Poll


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet Exclusive
Monday, November 19, 2007


A new Zogby telephone poll shows that the majority of Americans want U.S. soldiers out of Iraq now, while the same survey shows that military families on the whole support the only Republican candidate who has promised to bring the troops home – Congressman Ron Paul.

When presented with the platforms of the four leading Republican frontrunners – Giuliani, Romney, Thompson and Paul, 33.3 per cent of the respondents sided with the Texas Congressman’s manifesto, which read as follows.

Candidate A is a 10-term US Congressman from a large Southern state who is an advocate for a smaller government and individual liberty. This candidate believes in strictly following the Constitution and has never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted in favor of the war in Iraq or the Patriot Act, and wants to bring troops home as soon as possible. As a former doctor, this candidate has delivered more than 4,000 babies. One of this candidate’s goals is to return America to the gold standard, and he believes that the current monetary policy needs to be drastically overhauled because of the dollar’s decline.

Just 13.6 per cent sided with Fred Thompson, while 15.6 per cent went with Romney’s stance and 18 per cent for Rudy Giuliani’s platform. This is a blind poll, and candidates were not mentioned by name, but the overwhelming popularity of Ron Paul amongst military families dovetails with the fact that he has received more contributions than any other White House contender from donors identified as affiliated with the military.

This again highlights the fact that the Iraq war is most unpopular amongst those directly staffed with fighting it – the soldiers – and their families who face the consequences of lost and injured loved ones as the occupation nears its 5th year.

Zogby released the numbers to us this morning and have indicated that due to the level of interest in the poll, they will be issuing a press release tomorrow.


One Response to “Military Families Support Ron Paul’s Platform In Zogby Poll”

  1. Vote for Hillary Online Says:

    Unless I’m missing something, how did they know the respondents were blind? And what would that have to do with the issues that are important to them. I would imagine they deal with the same issues everyone else does. I suppose disability rights would be a bigger concern for them though.

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