Neocons Dream Up Nefarious Alex Jones – Ron Paul Plot

Kurt Nimmo
Tuesday October 30, 2007

Neocons never rest, especially when they are tasked with shooting down the only Constitution-based presidential candidate out of fear he will, when elected, put an end to their clash of civilizations mass murder campaign.

For instance, the neocon blogger “Allahpundit,” posting on the Hot Air site, is busy accusing Ron Paul and Alex Jones of some sort of shadowy collusion. “…it seems now we’ve got money moving in both directions between America’s Greatest Patriot and this bottom-feeding Truther jackass: a $2,300 donation from Jones to Paul and a $1,300 payment this quarter from Paul’s campaign to ‘Jones, Alex.’ Assuming it’s the same Alex Jones, which seems a safe bet, pray tell what might that payment have been for?” writes the dirt-sniffing blogger.

Nothing nefarious here, folks. Indeed, Alex Jones donated to the Ron Paul campaign, as radio talk show hosts are allowed to donate to the political campaigns of their choice. As for the supposed “$1,300 payment” to Alex Jones, this was merely a refund. Jones made a mistake—he intended to donate $1,000, not $2,300, and the $1,300 was a refund. The transaction was noted by OpenSecrets, an organization covering presidential funding.

But never mind. In the demented recesses of the average neocon mind, this transaction is considered some sort of “sinister” conspiracy—one they hope may bring down the Ron Paul campaign, as the neocons want to make it look like Ron Paul is paying Alex Jones for favorable coverage on his radio show and websites.

It irks the neocons to no end that a real conservative is running for the presidency. Obviously, the cons want the snake Rudy Giuliani to reign as decider-commander in 2009—they have packed his campaign with their Machiavellian-Straussian “advisors,” including the swami of destruction, Norman Podhoretz, who never encountered a Muslim he did not want to kill, or at least make suffer by way of bunker-buster.

Finally, Rick Moran posted a partial retraction on the American Thinker site:

As far as the specific charge in my piece yesterday that the Paul campaign paid 9/11 truther and New World Order conspiracist Alex Jones $1300 in “services,” the facts of the matter are different. The “disbursement” that was paid to Mr. Jones was a partial refund of a campaign contribution made by Jones, who originally donated the maximum amount of $2300.

I regret the confusion caused by the difference between “services” rendered by Mr. Jones and the partial refund of his contribution.

Fair enough, except for the fact Moran took the opportunity to slam Alex Jones, Endgame, and Ron Paul. “Paul’s supporters will continue their campaign of intimidation against us, of that I am sure,” Moran concludes after quoting several venomous emails he received. “But I for one will not be deterred from reporting on the decidedly unbalanced and frightening nature of both his supporters and the direction his campaign would take America.”

Of course, as we live in Bushzarro world, it is not “unbalanced and frightening” that a gaggle of pernicious neocons want to launch World War IV, as they fondly call it.

For a bit more enlightenment on this story, check out the comments posted on the the Liberty Papers blog.


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