Clinton Exposed as New World Order Front

‘Hecklers’ Repeatedly Interrupt Terrorism Ramble With Questions About 9/11 and Clinton’s Involvement With Bilderberg & New World Order | October 27, 2007

Bill Clinton has had to answer to more than just hounding questions about 9/11 recently, as he did when members of Minnesota Change interrupted his Hillary campaign stump just days ago.

Unsolicited questions from the activist group also forced him to acknowledge the Bohemian Club, calling it ‘that place where rich Republicans go and stand naked next to Redwood trees,’ but claimed he hadn’t been there, suavely brushing off scandalous elite secret societies with his indifferent and casual demeanor.

Clinton scolded claims that ‘9/11 was an inside job,’ catching mainstream coverage just after the massive media clamor over the 9/11 truth interruptions on Bill Maher’s live HBO show. He cleverly misdirected the now well-known objections to the official story with appeals to the emotional tragedy of a family friend he says was burned beyond recognition on 9/11 and lashed out “An inside job…how dare you.”

While that sound bite made news, both Clinton and news cameras ignored equally vocal outcry about his involvement in the Bilderberg group. He attended the group– which has a reputation as kingmaker– just before becoming president in 1992. Wife Hillary attended in 1997 and again in 2006 before her 2007-2008 campaign to continue the Bush-Clinton syndicate/dynasty.

Minnesota Change mentioned Bilderberg over and over throughout the night,but Clinton passed up opportunity to ‘put them in their place’ as he had throughout the rest of the speech. He turned, however, to give a knowing grin when activists told Bill they knew “they aren’t going to get away with their New World Order.”

Not only is the deeply-connected globalist well aware of the New World Order, he has mentioned it in speeches, and clarifying that he, like George H. W. Bush, was pursuing it. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar (connecting him to the agenda of the Milner Group and Cecil Rhodes’ secret society) and is involved with the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, amongst other globalist ties.

These confrontations enlarge the 9/11 truth coverage in the public mind and is the second major confrontation of Clinton by We Are Change members across the country.

NYC We Are Change confronted the former president on not getting bin Laden when he had the clear opportunity– despite the damning Cole bombing incident– and then used an amplifier to inform the crowd about his involvement in the Bilderberg group, the drug operations in Mina, Arkansas while he was governor and other issues.


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