Tucker Carlson: Clueless About Historical Fact Government Engages in Mass Murder

TruthNews | October 23, 2007
Kurt Nimmo
For silver-spooner Tucker Carlson, it is nothing short of stupendous that more than a third of Americans suspect �either the federal government assisted in the 9/11 terror attacks or took no action to stop them so the country could go to war in the Middle East.�

See video clip of Carlson’s astonishment:

Mr. Carlson, presumably an intelligent person, is apparently unable or unwilling to pick up a history or book and discover the obvious�government habitually initiates war for financial or territorial reasons, commits unspeakable acts of mass murder, engages in ethnic cleansing, collective punishment, and starves or works to death in forced labor camps millions of its own citizens.

Carlson is no different than millions of other Americans, long and studiously brainwashed�methodically through education and popular feel-good myths reinforced by television and corporate media�that our rulers are somehow different and would do no such thing, never mind the serial crimes committed in their names against millions of others, from Southeast Asia to Iraq and beyond.

Of course, this never enters into the equation, as Carlson and his guests are stupefied to the point of incomprehension by the prospect such an appreciable number of Americans understand all too well the government was more than capable of killing 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, and the fact the victims are largely Americans, primarily middle and working class, does not matter in the least. In fact, this was a plus as it�as Bush might intone��catapult the propaganda.�

According to corporate columnist Bob Franken, the problem is �you have people who take advantage� of the demonstrable fact government engages in serial murder, including �talk radio hosts and people who blog and are under no requirement to say anything that has any sanity to it,� in other words, people who understand history, are not brainwashed by American exceptionalism, and actually exercise their free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. As Franken views it, this is apparently insanity.

Mr. Franken did not mention a particular talk show radio host by name, but considering most radio and television talk show hosts are neocon cheerleaders and outright psychopaths in favor of killing thousands if not millions of people in far away lands who never did anything to them, we can assume who he is talking about.

As 9/11 truth has moved from the street to the television studio, thus prompting the histrionics of Bill Maher and the fascist rantings of Glenn Beck, we can expect more of this sort of thing, as it is now or never for our corporate overlords, nervous we are about to boldly step forward and reveal for all the little man behind the curtain, the not so great and powerful Oz.


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