NY Post Censoring Ron Paul

The NY POST has an article today regarding the recent Family Research Council’s Straw Poll. The focus of the article was on the terrible results achieved by Rudy Guiliani. The article includes a list of the results, and neglects to include Ron Paul’s 3rd place finish, as if he was not even there! Here is a image of the table as it appears in the hardcopy of today’s NY Post:Here are the official results directly from Family Research Council’s website.

Everyone write to the NY Post and let them know we will no longer tolerate the memory-holing and censorship of RON PAUL. Here is the address to do so: letters@nypost.com


9 Responses to “NY Post Censoring Ron Paul”

  1. Christian Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I wrote to NYP as you recommended.

  2. Steve St. Angelo Says:

    What happened to RON PAUL’s results? Don’t you all realize there at the so called press….that this will backfire on you all? Florida residents are told to take down their RON PAUL signs on their own property, by local governments. What this does is just make supporters spread the word even more….such childish behavior for such a publication


  3. Melissa Says:

    Why was Ron Paul’s 3rd place finish not listed in the results list?
    This is infuriating!

    Why is Ron Paul being censored?

    If you are going to write an article make sure you INCLUDE all the facts.

  4. atvdude Says:

    This is a joke… Even if you are using the actual ATENDEE’S poll… MIT ROMNEY got SKUNKED…

    If you are using the internet polling… which are what the percentages reflect… then you are LYING ABOUT THE RESULTS>. DR. PAUL GOT THIRD!! Behind Mit & Huckaboo

  5. pinkofreeptard Says:

    This is almost too much to comprehend.

    So much for fair and unbalanced.

    I’m not necessarily a huge Ron Paul supporter, but the Post needs to get real with their obvious bias.

  6. vebedo » NY Post Censoring Ron Paul Says:

    […] check the full story here […]

  7. James Mormando Says:

    Pretty typical. Your dishonesty only helps to solidify the message that the MSM is corrupt.

    Do your job and report the news.

    Dr. Ron Paul finished 3rd!

  8. Auswalk Says:

    As an Australian observer of American politics I’m once against disgusted with how the mainstream media treat candidates they disagree with. One thing win lose or draw you can take away from this coming election is the people will no longer be blind to the dirty tricks the press play, with negative questions, questionable National “polls” and just completely ignoring someone. Just out of pure outrage about how Ron Paul has been treated I am now a firm supporter and will do my best to spread his message. NY post has earned their page in 1984.

  9. underground Says:

    Well, the short answer is that News Corp runs the NY Post. You can check out this “newspaper’s” website and see that their “Election 2008” coverage has been narrowed down to Hillary vs. Giuliani

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