Ron Paul Wins Debate In Another Landslide

Congressman comes out on top despite being given least time, least questions and despite CNBC pulling its poll half way through | October 11 , 2007
Steve Watson


Ron Paul won another debate by a landslide this week despite efforts on the part of the mainstream media to limit the Congressman’s exposure and to force Rudy Giuliani down the necks of viewers.

Ron Paul won another debate by a landslide this week despite efforts on the part of the mainstream media to limit the Congressman’s exposure and to force Rudy Giuliani down the necks of viewers.

According to an MSNBC online poll participated by over 22,000 people, Texas Congressman Ron Paul won the Tuesday night GOP Michigan debate in a landslide.

As shown in the screenshot, when asked who they thought was standing out from the pack, Paul received 86% of the online vote.

Critics have again charged that the polls were deluged by Ron Paul internet spammers. Recently hacks such as Sean Hannity and others have suggested their own polls have been fixed simply because Ron Paul won them.

In a familiar move CNBC even removed its own poll on Tuesday night just hours after the debate had ended when they realized Ron Paul was winning by such a wide margin.

Many Neo-Con blog sites do not even include Ron Paul in their polls anymore because too many people are voting for him! This is not as a result of one person voting multiple times, as in all the online polls only one vote per IP address is allowed, but the operators of the site simply don’t like Ron Paul and have chosen to ignore reality and pretend that he doesn’t exist.

In another poll this week, so called “conservative” bloggers listed Paul as their most hated “person on the right”, even though he is the most conservative Congressman in office!

In addition to CNBC pulling their poll, and continued attacks on the Congressman, the anchors of the debate on Tuesday night only allowed Paul a total of 5:44 minutes to speak, just over 6.5% of the time allotted in total to all candidates. In addition Dr Paul was only asked 7 questions, where as Giuliani and Fred Thompson were both asked over double that amount.

 See opposite for the figures (courtesy Marc Parent )

Ron Paul wowed viewers once again both during the debate and afterwards as he slammed the candidates who willingly accepted the idea of striking Iran from the air without the authorization of Congress:

“Why don’t we just open up the Constitution and read it? You’re not allowed to go to war without a declaration of war. Now, as far as fleeting enemies goes, yes– if there’s an imminent attack on us. We’ve never had that happen to us in 220 years. The idea that Iran could pose an imminent attack on the United States is preposterous. There’s no way.”

“This is just war propaganda preparing this nation to go to war and spread this war not only into Iraq but into Iran unconstitutionally. It is a road to disaster for us as a nation. It is the road to our financial disaster if we don’t read the Constitution once in a while.”

Afterwards the Congressman hit out at the current Administration, describing them as “all big government people” and calling for massive cuts in spending.

Watch the highlights of the debate:


5 Responses to “Ron Paul Wins Debate In Another Landslide”

  1. Ron Paul --->> TOO MUCH FREEDOM Says:

    Duncan Hunter won this debate. He stood out from the pack the most, won every question given to him, presented an offense to the first tier candidate, and discussed the most urgent problems that we are facing. Duncan Hunter won this debate hands down. I liked that Ron Paul started the debate with facts, but Duncan Hunter truly won.

  2. Mike Wagner Says:

    Duncan who? What? Oh, you mean the guy with about 12 cents in his campaign treasury, as opposed to Ron Paul with over $5 million and growing every day.
    It’s time for Hunter, Tancredo, McCain and Browback to drop out and let the big boys play.
    Take a look at the straw polls. Of 36 straw polls so far, Ron Paul has finished in first place 17 times and ahead of Hunter 32 times. Hunter is an asterisk in the this race, who listens to him?
    Can Hunter draw a crowd of over 2000 people? Hey, can Giuliani? No, and hell no. Can Ron Paul? Any day of the week.
    Besides, the only way for the GOP to defeat Hillary is to beat her on the war issue. Over 70% of the American people want us out of Iraq as soon as possible. Hillary has promised to keep us there until 2013 at the earliest. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will bring the troops home as soon as he is sworn in. He is the only person who can defeat Hillary. Period.

  3. MrTom Says:

    Never have so many wolves cast off their sheep costumes. Why are they so frustated and so threatened by Ron Paul if he is only showing at 1 or 2 % in the polls?

  4. rhys Says:

    They are afaid of him because they know that as Commander and Chief he will strip them of their political influence and send them packing. Can you imagine a Washington with so little power, that the streets are hushed as lobbyists move away, think tanks dry up, and real estate prices fall? Can you imagine a Washington where you can’t buy influence? His colleagues can’t.

    Ron Paul’s principled attacks on the Fed and the Military-Industrial complex will cause the money and influence that pervades Washington to slow to a trickle. He is literally attempting to take the food off of their plates, and give it back to the people of this country – the people who earned it.

  5. Fascist Nation Says:

    “It’s time for Hunter, Tancredo, McCain and Brownback to drop out and let the big boys play.”

    Hell no. They can divide up the vote amongst themselves all they want. Let them stay.

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