UK Green Lights Iran Strike | October 8 , 2007
Steve Watson

Brown gives backing to Bush for tactical strikes as “counter-terrorism”

Reports in the British press this weekend have suggested that Gordon Brown’s government has promised to back U.S. led strikes on Iranian military bases but not on the country’s nuclear facilities.

A report in the London Telegraph citing senior Pentagon officials indicates that Britain will support an attack if the Islamic republic orchestrates large-scale attacks by militants against British or American forces in Iraq:

After talks with President George W Bush in July, Mr Brown left US officials with the belief that Britain was “on board” for a military response — but only if Iran was proved to be behind a big militant attack or another stunt similar to the kidnapping in March of British sailors.

The US wants Britain’s Special Air Service Regiment to take part in special forces raids inside Iran and has requested help from the Royal Navy to combat Iranian retaliation in the Gulf.

A follow up report in the Telegraph today suggests that the Neocon Whitehouse has abandoned plans to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities and will instead use “terrorism” as the justification to bomb the country.

“What’s on the table right now is tactical strikes,” Vincent Cannistraro, intelligence chief on Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council and erstwhile head of operations for the CIA’s counter-terrorist center, told the Telegraph’s Tim Shipman.

“The British Government is in accord with plans to launch limited strikes on facilities inside Iran, on the basis of counter-terrorism.” While the US Air Force and naval jets could carry out raids without help from the RAF, the Pentagon is keen to have the Royal Navy’s cooperation in the event of an attack, to prevent Iran from sowing mines in the Gulf to block oil exports in retaliation,” he added.

According to the reports a Downing Street spokesman said: “While we won’t comment on the specifics of conversations between the Prime Minister and the President of the United States, this is not a version of events we recognise.”

However, the reports dovetail with recent analysis by the veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, who revealed that his sources told him U.S. commanders had been drawing up plans to target Iran’s nuclear facilities but were told this summer to focus instead on the Revolutionary guards, who have been blamed for attacks on U.S. and British forces in Iraq.

The recent decision by Congress to classify the Iranian guard as a “terrorist organization” also clears the way for a British backed counter-terrorist strike.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the elite Trilateral Commission and the national security adviser to former President Carter, plainly laid out the theatre that is planned to unfold in coming months when he said last week that the Bush plan was to depict any air strike on Iran as “responding to what is an intolerable situation. This time, unlike the attack in Iraq, we’re going to play the victim.”

Brzezinski, along with other elite figures such as Gary Hart of the Council on foreign relations, have also implied that a false flag terrorist event, either within the U.S. or Iraq could be used as justification to launch immediate strikes on Iran.

Clearly the Neocons realise that the public is not going to accept a fresh confrontation with Iran based on a different set of circumstances and so has shifted its rhetoric from the nuclear issue back to the so called “war on terror” and is attempting to tie Iran in with the insurgency in Iraq despite any convincing intelligence.

The fact that the justification for any attack on Iran keeps changing, just as it did with Iraq before and after the 2003 invasion, clearly indicates that the only thing that matters to the Neocon globalists running the Whitehouse is that they get their conflict escalation and are able to march on unimpeded and conquer another financially independent and sovereign state in the middle east.


One Response to “UK Green Lights Iran Strike”

  1. kiankiani Says:

    Voice of America and Fiasco at Persian Service.
    There is no need to attack Iran IF the Bush administration pays attention:
    Millions of dollars are spent in Persian Service of Voice of America but the end result is nothing but scandalous way of cockamamie management and programming.
    It is hard to believe but the Persian Service which supposed to be an organization to convey the policy of the U.S. has become a free platform for hard-line terrorist group of communists who attack the United Sates!
    I have the documents in writings to prove that these were done with the full knowledge of the management.
    I used to work there and as I said before, I have all the documents in writings.
    The manager is a woman called Sheila Gandji who can not read and write Persian. Therefore, in order to hide this shortcoming from the higher management, she has hired an eighty something man called Kambiz Mahmoudi who has a lengthy background as crook and in charlatanism.
    You expect a doctor to be in charge of a medical clinic. You expect an engineer to be in charge of an engineering department. You expect a plumber to fix your plumbing.
    So why do you expect a person who has no education in Iran and doesn’t know the language of that country should be in charge of publicity, literature or politic for such position?
    Sheila Gandji falsely pretended and presented herself as educated with background in journalism. These are absolute fabrications. Nobody in Iranian communities inside of the country or outside has any knowledge about her being a journalist, then and now.
    Her partner, Kambiz Mahmoudi is a hateful and despicable person whose activities as crook are widely known through out Iran. Can’t the U.S. government appoint somebody without such shameful background and baggage?
    Don’t think that this is a personal vendetta.
    Let me quote you a view from another media:
    “The Iran Steering group concluded that much of the anti-American perspective that is broadcast is the result of decisions made by station managers in Washington D.C. and Prague. Sheila Gandji, the manager of Persian service has faced sharp criticism, particularly for her decision to stop VOA shortwave radio program in July, 2006 in order to focus on television broadcasts, which are more susceptible to censorship, since the government regularly confiscates satellites dishes in order to prevent the infiltration of foreign broadcasts.”
    And this is not the only one. The mismanagement at the Persian Service of Voice of America is the subject of hundreds of web sites and articles in newspapers indicative of disgusts and ridicules in the world about VOA.
    The bizarre situation at the Persian Service of Voice of America caused even the Republican Senator Coburn to write a long letter to President Bush about the fiasco there.
    It is only in America where the government pays to be insulted. Really, why Voice of America is doing this harm to our nation?

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