Ex-CIA Robert Baer Questions Use of Torture, Official 9/11 Story

From last night’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Robert Baer spent 20 years working for the CIA. He was a field officer in the Middle East and has seen it all. He says torture is useless – it leads to false confessions. And he doesn’t believe the official story about 9/11. If CIA agents are questioning 9/11, then maybe you should be too. Do you even know the story of Building 7? What about the military drills going on that day – can you name them? Don’t bother looking in the 9/11 Commission Report for this information. They conveniently left out all the many suspicious details that point to 9/11 being an inside job.


4 Responses to “Ex-CIA Robert Baer Questions Use of Torture, Official 9/11 Story”

  1. steve hamilton Says:

    Read page 27 of “9.11 Revealed” by Henshall & Morgan.
    ISBN 1-84529-140-9 therein lies some very disturbing truths.

  2. anungarrayididitdotcopas Says:

    The night after 9/11 I had a Dream of a group of persons here in Australia, whom I had formerly associated with, who were all having a celebration like a party, but had locked me out. The Dream intrigued me, and I eventually sourced what the inseminating belief for the Dream had been. It turned out that there are a few folk here in Australia, whom were supporting the idea that it will be Native Americans whom fulfil Islam’s prophesies, rather than Indigenous Australians; and they had been promoting the idea among Muslims, and had come to believe that their promotion of such an idea was what lead eventually to 9/11. They are a bunch of weirdos and it is a mighty relief not to have to associate with them any more. They are members, and friends of members of, the Canberra Gurdjieff Society.

  3. anungarrayididitdotcopas Says:

    I ought to add that while I know a few individuals who are significantly intellectually dangerous, and manifest themselves as adherent to the Gurdjieff oriented teaching, that teaching is not specifically able to cause such social problems, but rather the problem is manifestly being caused through specific combinations of interpersonal relationships and drug use, which are manifesting a counter position to the normal stream of thought within the Gurdjieff literature based school of esoteric religious belief.

    That is to say, the social problem is caused by the combination of cannabis use with the reading material used by the Gurdjieff society.

    I hope that those who have real professional concerns to manage social stability will truly take that fact into account. For the same reason that Islam bans alcohol and tobacco, there are certain parts of every religion which can not be contemplated within a safe psychology if there is any drug use at the time.

  4. anungarrayididitdotcopas Says:

    The Christian example of the sort of psychological disturbance which lead my former acquaintances to want to celebrate the event of 9/11, is of contemplating the part of Gospel which is between where Satan confronted Jesus, through where Jesus identifies his decision to his disciples, and then into the last supper. If that portion of Gospel is thought too deeply about while using any food or drug which alters the brain chemistry significantly, then the removal of the food or drug substance is made more difficult, and attempts to remove it cause a potentially dangerous psycological inbalance. It is as though certain passages of religious texts, certain meditation practises, and certain prayers and mantras, are enabling that the physiology become more rapidly addicted.

    Those exact passages however are the best ones also for preventing relapses of addictive behaviour in persons who are fully detoxed.

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